How To Handle The Office Reinstatement Process After End Of Lease [Must-Know Fact!]

If you have landed on this page, most likely you are either curious into the process of office/commercial reinstatement or you are urgently in need of the service and you would like to understand about it. We feel you. This is not something everyone knows about out of graduation and we as the professional contractors, are here to educate you about it with valuable tips no matter if you are the one reinstating the unit or taking over.

Office reinstatement is quite common these days as there is a rising number of businesses who are looking into moving out after the end of lease or even downsizing their working space. Due to this, we have constantly been receiving enquiries about office and commercial reinstatement and most of our customers do not have a clue about where to begin. Some were not even aware that office reinstatement is a mandatory process.

As mentioned, this article is for owners who are either reinstating the unit or taking over so do scroll to the section below to the tip section that applies to your situation.


Tips For Those Who Are Reinstating The Office Unit

1. Do Research To Look For A Professional Reinstatement Contractor

Reinstatement contractors are everywhere with certifications or not. Search them out, enquire for prices and most importantly, meet the contractor to have a discussion on-site. This is the best way to see if you are able to trust the contractor. He should know what to recommend with a valid explanation and not be pushy when it comes to closing a contract.

2. Achieve Full Compliance

It is always good to be vigilant on how things are being handled. When it comes to reinstatement, it is always best to see all discussions are being held with the presence of the commercial property agent, property management and the contractor so as to make sure the entire process is in compliance with the conditions required by all parties. A good contractor should be aware of this as well, so as to prevent problems for the company, yourself and the next tenant.

3. Do note that Reinstatement Is A Subjective Process

All buildings are different and there can be many factors that can affect the cost of reinstatement. Hence, all parties who are involved in footing the cost must agree on what has been factored in before commencing reinstatement. If need be, seek clarification from your contractor to explain about what will incur for the project and why.

4. Check and ask for a copy of the Reinstatement contract

This step is to safeguard yourself from any disputes. Take your time to check the terms of the contract and never hesitate to ask for a copy of it. You have the right to own a copy of the contract for reference.

5. Keep track of the Reinstatement process

Check on the progress of the process whenever you can. An ideal reinstatement contractor should be honest and open with your requests to know how the progress is going. Some contractors even go the extra mile to prepare reports for their customers, such as producing a Gantt chart to allow customers to keep track and refer to the progress anytime they want. If there are any doubts, never hesitate to schedule a meeting with the contractor to go on-site and query about the issue.

6. Payment Terms

Make sure to never pay for work that has not been done so check thoroughly before you proceed to payment. A professional reinstatement contractor should also never ask for a ridiculous sum of payment upfront for material purchase reasons etc. If this happens, this goes to show the contractor is not well-prepared for the job and might just get sloppy as the process goes by.


Tips For Those Who Are Taking Over The Office Unit

1. Reinstatement Plans

Do ask for the construction plans or any blueprints from the property/facilities management to print a duplicate for safekeeping purposes. It will save you some potential trouble when reinstatement comes.

2. Take Photos

During site handover, take photos of the office or commercial unit that you are taking over and keep it for reference. You are also able to ask the contractor to take them for you.

3. Take Note On Future Reinstatement Concerns

It is always wise to have a discussion with your property agent or facility management about this. If there is any way to document the discussion in any medium, do not hesitate to do it as well to prevent any complications in the future.

4. Always Involve Reinstatement In Design

Usually, businesses who are taking over the office unit will be going for a full-scale renovation as well. If this is the case for you, always keep in mind to reference your office design/layout with how the reinstatement process is going to be. Never hesitate to ask if you are unsure about anything.

5. Reduce Reinstatement Cost

There are certain things you are able to opt out of in order to reduce your reinstatement cost. Things such as ceiling finishes, air-conditioning systems and lighting layouts can be discussed upon with your contractor if you are looking to reduce reinstatement cost further.


So there you have it.

These are the main points to take note of when it comes to office reinstatement scenarios. There is nothing much to be worried about. As soon as you know that there is a need to reinstate an office back to its original conditions, take your time to plan out and take note of these pointers. However, if time is still an issue for you, we are always here to help. Drop us an email or contact us to let us know about your situation so that we can all discuss about a worthy solution to your problems. 

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