3 Important Things Tenants must know About Reinstatement in Singapore

Nowadays, it is common to rent commercial units for enterprises, especially in cities with high cost of living, such as Singapore.  Undoubtedly, for those who are look forward to have flexibility and less responsibility, renting commercial unit is indeed a great option. However, this does not mean that you are free of bound. In contrast, you may end up lose more if you are not careful.

As a Landlord and Reinstatement Contractor, I feel I have an obligation to share 3 Important Things Tenants Must Know About Reinstatement in Singapore. I believe these are not only references but will be your lifelong harvest.

1. The Less You Renovate, The Less You Reinstate

Generally, the less you renovate, the less you reinstate. Clearly, everyone knows it, but definitely not everyone can do it. For instance, most of tenants choose to renovate, in order to promote a better business development and working environment. Besides, most of the franchise companies required their business partner to renovate their unit into uniform decoration.

On the other hand, for tenants who can decide on the design of their unit and plan not to spend more money on reinstatement in the future, make sure to keep in its original condition as much as possible. In short, always practicing easy come and easy go such as using the method and material that easy to remove and repair.

2. Get the right Reinstatement Contractor

Usually, the deadline for reinstatement is short and tight. Because of every tenant wants to make good use of the rent, and does not want to spend too much time on it. Hence, it is important to get a right Reinstatement Contractor.

Time and cost are the two common requirements for tenants to look for their Reinstatement Contractor. Generally, the project always awards to contractor who can complete the work in the shortest time and at the lowest price. However, before the start of work, tenant can only know the price  nor time. So, don’t just look at the lowest price. The lowest price doesn’t mean is the right price. Even so, tenants must beware that some of unethical contractors will find excuses and increase prices midway. What may be worse is that the project cannot  be completed within the prescribe time.

3. Negotiate with Landlord

In fact, most of tenants do not know that they can try to negotiate with landlord and request to keep the renovated unit as its condition. Usually under two conditions, landlords are allow tenants to keep the renovated unit as its condition. First, if the new tenant accepts the renovation. Second, the landlord is happy with the renovation. It is win-win situation. No harm to try.

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